About Wix

Wix works on the thought that everyone should have the ability to have a slick, practical, professional-looking site. What is more, everyone ought to be able to create this site by themselves without even having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your site developer or designer.

For the most part, Wix succeeds. You’ve got two Options for building a site. The super-easy route is to use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, software that asks you a series of questions before creating a new website just for you. If you’re short on time and don’t require anything that’s intricately customized, then this may be the perfect solution.

Alternatively, incredibly straightforward and intuitive, the editor includes drag-and-drop performance that’s a cinch to work with. You can easily have a basic site up and running within just an hour or two even if you’re just starting from scratch.

Then, there’s Corvid from Wix. This is the option for webmasters that have some coding experience and desire their site to be able to do more than that which the templates and apps available on Wix offer. It is rather simple to use, so in the event that you would like to practice your programming chops, this is the place to do it.

Wix supplies you with more than 500 templates which are prepared for you to customize. Offered in an astonishingly wide variety of categories, you’ll be able to find a template which perfectly matches your private or e-commerce site. A few of the features which you’re going to be able to include are sites, websites galleries and online shops. Additionally, all Wix templates are optimized for mobile screening, which is critical in today’s marketplace.

Artificial Design Intelligence

There is no denying Wix is just one of the most advanced site builders, however when it comes to their Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), they have hit the ball out of the website building park. With their 11 decades of experience with sites built by over 100,000 million consumers, Wix’s ADI only requires basic knowledge about your business in order to construct a tailor-made website in a couple of minutes.

The very first result using the ADI is quite impressive and the more you use it, the further you will be amazed. Not only has the builder selected relevant images, but also generated text that is targeted to my small business type and potential clients. Particular portions of the design or material may not be to your liking, and also the ADI expects that, which explains why it has a step by step guide to help you through the editing process.

The Editor

Once you have selected your Template, you will be accepted to Wix’s site editor, as we want to state where the true fun begins! Whether you are a first-time user, or slightly more advanced, you’ll find the interface simple to use, using an infinite list of components to include, edit, customize or remove from your site.

In the Editor’s menu, you can control your website’s background layout, upload your own pictures, videos and fonts, add a range of Wix Apps — higher-level website elements such as a blog, gallery, appointment booking widget

Wix Code

Lastly, you can use the site’s editing tools to gain complete access to your website’s code. Opened to users in December 2017, Wix Code enables users to create dynamic web pages, collect information to construct a database, export it into a CSV file and expand website functionality through JavaScript and API integrations.

Now Wix site owners can more easily make web applications and databases to handle their content and tap the energy of Wix APIs to connect to external services.

Unique Features

Parallax Scrolling

In parallax scrolling, the site background and foreground are different, and as a reader scrolls down, the two sections move at various speeds developing a feeling of depth on your site.


This feature permits you to showcase your images and other content on an assortment of slideshow galleries that could increase engagement and the time customers are on the site.

Wix Gallery

The Wix Guru Gallery is another way to actually improve the visual appeal of your pictures, including the radius and threshold among many other facets. You might also make every picture shareable on social networking.

Video Backgrounds

You can easily upload your video and add your own music to play automatically when the page loads.

Wix Pricing

Wix features two broad tiers of packages: Website and Business & eCommerce. People looking to build a personal website can pay just $13 per month with the “Combo” plan.

The next step in bundles is marketed toward entrepreneurs and freelancers. Costing $17 a month, this package is called “Unlimited.” Accordingly, people with this program get unlimited bandwidth and 10 GB of storage. In addition to the features in the Combo plan, subscribers get a single video hour, $300 in advertising vouchers, the Site Booster program and the Visitor Analytics app.

Wix says their next package, which they call “Guru,” is the best value at $22 a month. It includes everything in both lower tier packages in addition to 20 GB of storage, two video hours, an events calendar, an expert logo and social media emblem files.

It costs $39 a month and features everything that is included in the three smaller bundles.

Client Support

When it comes to client Support, Wix is exceptional. Just visit site to find the Wix Help Center where you’ll discover ready answers by typing in a question or surfing through specific subjects. With all sorts of posts, it’s relatively simple to get immediate assistance with common questions and concerns without having to contact a customer support representative. If you need help, you can speak to a customer service representative through email or telephone. These professionals generally are prompt, efficient and beneficial.

Closing Thoughts

Wix may function as best site builder available now. It has hundreds of templates along with over 200 programs. With each these options and skills, you need to be able to construct a dream site.

Nonetheless, some people do have difficulty getting started with Wix only since they are presented with so many choices. It’s a good idea for new customers to attempt to narrow down their template options as far as possible in the beginning to potentially avoid this problem. Afterward, programs could be added over time as the webmaster discovers what is needed and beneficial.

If you want to build a beautiful website that won’t violate the Bank, it’s hard to go wrong with Wix. It’s incredibly fun and simple to use.