Wix is an online company that provides web hosting and site design services. Users can design and construct their sites in HTML5, and cellular sites, using drag-and-drop utilities. Wix’s drag-and-drop editor makes it effortless to make a professional site — without having to understand a line of code! With hundreds of templates and good tools Wix enables you to construct and sell throughout your site. Beginner-friendly and scalable, Wix is more acceptable for anything from personal online portfolios to small business websites. Two popular aspects of Wix are that programmers can make web applications to market to additional users, and users do not have to understand any coding to make a site.

Just how Easy Is Wix to Use?

With Wix, you’ve got two choices — Wix ADI or Wix Editor. Wix ADI designs your website for you, according to your answers to a few questions. You may make edits into the last design, but this procedure isn’t ideal if you would like total control. On the flip side, Wix Editor uses drag-and-drop functionality, meaning anything on your site can be repositioned simply by clicking and holding the item, then transferring it where you would like.

Wix scored an impressive 4.3/5 in our search for ease of use, and we’re especially impressed with how quickly you can produce a website with its drag-and-drop editor.

For people who are a little more tech savvy, you can also use Wix Code. This lets you access and edit the raw HTML supporting your template for much greater customization. Using Wix Code is by no means essential, but the option’s there if you want to dig a little deeper.

Who’s Wix Best For?

We’ve determined that Wix is very best overall website builder, but is it right for you?

With Wix you can design a site for virtually any need imaginable.

Depending on your needs, Wix could be just the answer you’re searching for. However, there can be an additional platform out there better suited to the job. Below, we’ll run through why people build websites, talk about what Wix is capable of, and also suggest other options to Wix if we believe there are better out there.


Business websites are Wix’s bread and butter. You will find hundreds of templates to pick from, made particularly for different businesses. From useful services to marketing and marketing, real estate to finance and law, everything is coated.

Wix also includes a whole range of amazing business features — such as subscription forms, appointment bookings and email advertising — and an app marketplace bursting with excellent add-ons.


Create your own magnificent online shop with ease and speed using Wix Editor or Wix ADI.

Wix enables you to sell an unlimited number of goods — whether physical, electronic, or service-based. You can even create promotional and discount codes, control your transport options, and also handle your store to the undergo its mobile program. The mobile app in particular is an asset, since mobile commerce is predicted to account for 45% of their US ecommerce market from 2020.

If you would like to take your online shop to the next level, we’d recommend using a Wix program named Ecwid. This gives you access to guest checkouts, stock monitoring, social trade and much more.

Wix has also put a lot of energy into making its ecommerce analytics much more powerful. Through its dashboard shop analytics now you can access in-house information to rival that of ecommerce platforms.

Nevertheless, if you’re generating six-figure monthly profits and need a strong platform capable of handling bulk orders and scaling together with you, look at Shopify or even BigCommerce. All these are ecommerce web site builders designed solely for building online shops .


Personal sites are just another advantage of Wix’s. Whether you require a site for an occasion (such as your wedding), a portfolio to showcase your work, or even only an online résumé, Wix has you covered.

You will find templates for virtually everything possible, and with Wix’s intuitive editor, you can really get your character across.

But if you are in a creative field — like photography, art or images — you may be better off with Squarespace. Its templates are all beautiful, and cater better to those areas.


Wix supplies more than enough features for you to create a fantastic blog. That said, should you need a site solely for blogging, there are far better options out there.

Wix permits you to create blog posts, divide them into categories, and even add a comments section and search bar for your customers. Perfect if you would like a blogging section on your site — and most of us do, because firms with sites create 55 percent more website visits than people without.

For a more rounded experience, though, you cannot look past Weebly. Weebly’s blogging characteristics are excellent, and they’re used by some very well-established bloggers. For more about Weebly, read our expert review .


When speaking to our users, a few expressed concern about if you could outgrow a Wix website. In all honesty, however, unless your site’s likely to become a global, family name, Wix has more than enough about it to scale with you.

Wix’s app marketplace is excellent, and is releasing new, exciting add-ons that will boost its websites — in terms of the functions it can perform, or the quality of existing ones.

As previously mentioned, if you will need a large, strong ecommerce website, Wix may not be the ideal fit. Otherwise, Wix’s programmers are constantly improving the platform, and it keeps pace with almost every need.


Wix makes it effortless to create a gorgeous, strong, interactive site for virtually any project, business or idea you could possibly imagine — and also you can do all of it in a day, no programming required.

Its designer templates give you a big head start. It permits you to customize broadly using drag-and-drop controllers, which are more powerful than those you’ll find in almost any other site builder.

We’d recommend Wix to anyone seeking to build a small business or personal website. For companies, Wix has excellent templates, SEO and marketing tools, and tons of programs to help you scale. For personal websites, you’ve got everything you require for blogging, portfolios or CVs in your fingertips.