About HostGator

HostGator is one of the biggest names in web hosting. Launched in 2002 by then-college pupil Brent Oxley in his living room in Boca Raton, Florida, the business grew exponentially through the years until it was eventually sold to Endurance International Group at 2012.

Now HostGator has nearly half-a-million customers and hosts over eight million domain names. The company is currently based in Houston, Texas, also has offices in China, Russia, Mexico, and Canada.

Advantages and Features of HostGator Hosting

It Can be difficult to find the very best web hosting company for your site. There are many options you could use, and it seems that each hosting supplier is offering something different.

One Of all the situations which you’ll want to search for is your qualities and advantages that a hosting company can offer you. If a hosting provider has a lot of characteristics which you can not use, then you might wish to pick a different hosting company so you can get the most out of your web host.

In This HostGator review, we took a look at HostGator hosting and discovered some reason which you should use them as your hosting company. Here is what we found:

1. Impressive Uptimes: When You’re looking for a hosting provider, you’ll want to be sure that they have a solid uptime record.

Your Audience members might attempt to find you online, but if they can’t find your website because your server is down, and then they will leave your website, and you will probably lose their small business.

2. Strong Customer Support: When You utilize HostGator, you can rely on their knowledgable support staff to help solve any problems you may encounter. It’s possible to reach their service staff on a 24/7 basis, and that means you won’t need to wait to have your issues solved.

We Believe customer service is an important factor in choosing a hosting partner, and so we analyzed the HostGator support team, and we found that they’re experts within the hosting space. Their service staff is friendly, fast, and knowledgable — the three things we adore when working with a customer service representative.

3. Free Website Migrations: If You presently have a website and you’d like to modify your hosting provider, then you’ll need a web site migration. It can be a challenging task to carry out a website migration on your site, so unless you know what you are doing, it’s normally a smart choice to enlist the assistance of an expert.

Many Hosting companies will charge you for site migrations, and a few may even cost you up to $150 per site migration. This can get expensive, so it’s fine when a hosting partner provides this service at no cost.

4. Cheap Hosting Plans: One of The motives that we love HostGator is because they give some cheap hosting plans that are perfect for smaller website owners. If you want a basic hosting plan, then you can get started for just $2.75 per month.

If You utilize the shared hosting plans out of HostGator, then you will easily be able to grow your site without breaking the bank on hosting charges. They also have higher grade hosting plans, which we find to be more priced and affordable within the market average for website hosting.

5. Great Website Builder: If You do not understand how to build up a website, but would like to construct a website without hiring an expensive web developer, a website builder could possibly be the ideal option for you.

This will let you pick from hundreds of unique templates and pick the best site for your business. Once you select a template, you’ll easily have the ability to customize the theme for your own business.

6. Money-Back Policy for 45 Days: Another Thing that we look for in any hosting supplier is a powerful refund policy. A fantastic refund policy will enable you to set up a small website then examine the hosting providers before you commit to a long-term contract.

Good Refund policies may help save a lot of headaches because you’ll be able to trial the organization and make sure that you’re willing to work together on a long-term basis.

Disadvantages of Using HostGator

It Can be challenging to decide on the perfect hosting company because every web host appears to have its own issues. While a few hosting providers can be better compared to many others, it’ll be up to you to pick the best web host for your site.

In Our HostGator review, we found some negative points you will want to know about before you choose HostGator as your hosting partner. Here’s what we were able to find:

1. Common Renewal Schemes: If You have looked at the HostGator pricing strategies, then you’ve likely noticed they offer cheap hosting plans. This ultra-low pricing is a way to lure you into purchasing a long-term contract with their hosting company.

The Scheme works in this way. You’ll have to purchase a 36-month contract to qualify for the low hosting price that they showcase, and you will only be eligible if that is your first hosting contract with HostGator.

2. Fees for Additional Features: One Of the downsides of working with HostGator is the fact that you’ll need to pay for extra features if you would like to utilize them to your website. Many HostGator plans don’t include all the bells and whistles that you might find with other hosting firms, but they still have reliable hosting.

HostGator Makes it easy for you to utilize the additional features for your website, however they will bill you to get a number of these attributes, for example Sitelock, that is a security software which you may use for $19.99 each year.


While You do often get what you pay for with web hosting, HostGator’s plans buck That trend. Even the lowest priced imposes virtually no limitations unless you want more than one website. So assuming that you don’t it is an Excellent Option for those on a budget.